Java source files not being uploaded when deploying business logic

When I deploy server code (using only .class files are uploaded to backendless and visible in /files/servercode/JAVA/default/PRODUCTION

If I recall correctly, it used to be such that all the source files (.java) were also uploaded such the there was a directory like : /files/servercode/JAVA/default/PRODUCTION/src/com/btcmarketsticker/timers/

Am I mistaken or has this process change? Main reason for question is that downloading the timers as java used to give me the current production copy of all my source code, now I only get 1 timer (draft one) and the .class files

During deploy only compiled classes and libraries are being copied.
When you download CodeRunner, files are being generated from the scratch according to the chosen handlers and timers. Any class files shouldn’t be present (because they are binary, compiled files).
That is how the correct work should look now.

Thus it is a good approach to have a copy of your code and already written timers, handlers, services.

Thanks for clarifying Oleg. When I download the timers, I do not have a choice of which ones to download from console, just what language to download (java or js).

When I press download, I get a file that contain all class files and only one source code file, see attached screenshot. Does this look correct? Notice there is only one file under timers for source code, I have three timers deployed, and the one it downloads is empty (i.e not code inside)

Hello @mitchell

I’ve created an internal ticket to investigate your issue, the ticket’s number is BKNDLSS-20850.
And could you please provide your AppId.

Regards, Vlad

Hi Vlad,

Many thanks, app ID is 130CA81A-36A3-9479-FFEE-AB623F4D0E00

I’ve fixed your app.
You can see the correct state on the CODING tab.
Please take into account that the code you upload to the server doesn’t relate to the code that would be generated.

Many thanks Oleg!