Javascript Code Generation fails after model update

I’m getting:

Internal server error with id 0C18DFF8-FF98-C8B4-FF15-26E9D592F700

in the backendless console when I’m trying to export JS custom business logic. I’ve changed model scheme - one property was called “conversation” and that was a relationship. I’ve deleted it and added a property with the name “conversationId”,but now it’s type String.
App id:


I’ve tried to delete the property conversationId and add conversation back again, but it failed:

Column with the same name already exists

I can no longer add a property named “conversation”.

What should I do to get it working again?

I’m getting this when I select the broken file in code generator preview in backendless console:

Internal server error with id ADF584FB-A657-CD94-FFAA-4E65C53D8A00

The same thing happens when I switch to JAVA or PHP:

Internal server error with id 1E5E4700-4614-CD73-FF99-1E579B19E400

Fixed by exporting, deleting and importing the table. Not ideal, but working solution.


We are working on this issue. Task id is BKNDLSS-12608