JavaScript SDK Backendless.Messaging.registerDevice documentation ?

At SDK source exist registerDevice, but no documentation information. Also when I try to use registerDevice function, device.uuid is undefined.

Is these feature ready for JavaScript SDK ?


Hi there,

to perform this operation it is assumed that the device uuid already exists in your window.device object.
And the syntax for registerDevice is like next:

Backendless.Messaging.registerDevice(['TestChannel'] [, async])

where the first argument is the array of channels and the ‘async’ is an optional argument (should be an instance of Backendless.Async);

If you have any questions on how Messaging works, do not hesitate to ask me in this thread.

The docs will be updated soon.


Hola, estoy intentando lo siguiente

Sender_ID = “985370318080”;
theme = “default”;
Backendless.Messaging.registerDevice (Sender_ID, tema, nuevo Backendless.Async (con éxito, error))

función successful (data) {
console.log (“successful:” + JSON.stringify (data));

error de función {err} {
console.log (“error:” + JSON.stringify (err));

Error: TypeError: No se puede leer la propiedad ‘uuid’ de undefined: Nombre: TypeError: No se puede leer la propiedad ‘uuid’ de undefined

Hi Oscar,

In order to register a device with Backendless, it must be registered with APNS or GCM/FCM first. Do you already do that in your app?


Yes, I register,
Is it well created?

Implement your new services
check</img>Cloud MessagingServer API KeyhelpAIzaSyCHE5CGlMraU4wTN3iieQ4Fjy9Gk7Prz4gSender ID:help985370318080

Please provide a code sample where you do device registration on APNS or GCM/FCM and receive the device’s uuid.