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"JOIN" query alternative

(Alejandro Felipe Paredes) #1

Hello, im starting to work in new social network project. I was using the REST console to find the way how i can retrieve all post from my followings user. What i want to retrieve is a kind of feed. So i tried to first, select following users and later select post from users but i cannot return this data, only following list. Can i solve this in some way? Is there any way to solve “join” queries? Anyway thank you so much for your attention!

(Mark Piller) #2

Hi Alejandro,

If I understood correctly you want to retrieve users and for each user retrieve their posts, is that correct?


(Alejandro Felipe Paredes) #3

Something like that. What i want is retrieve posts or feeds from the people i follow (and the author data too). Something like facebook timeline. Sorry if i cannot explain well cuz i dont speak english natively.

(Mark Piller) #4

Backendless APIs are designed with mobile apps in mind. In a traditional mobile app you cannot see both list of people and all their posts, as a result, our APIs by default give you an ability to load a collection of objects and then you can load additional related objects. However, if you need to load both people and the related posts, you can still do it, see the Single Step relation retrieval in the documentation. Btw, REST Console in Backendless Console lets you retrieve related objects, see the Relations dropdown.


(Alejandro Felipe Paredes) #5

Ohh i understand, i will try using that so! Thank you so much for you answers!