JS coderunner error - Unable to register Runner

About 10 hours ago I deployed update as usual and it worked fine.
Now whenever I try “npm run deploy” I receive this error:
00:23:04.739 - Registering Code Runner on https://api.backendless.com
00:23:06.505 - Error: Unable to register Runner.
Internal server error with id 8A5FAF91-EB69-6D54-FF69-62557907AF00
I updated to latest version with “npm update”, but error still there.
and when I tried “npm run debug” I got this error:
00:28:24.061 - Unable to connect to Messages Broker
00:28:24.064 - Error: Ready check failed: NOAUTH Authentication required.

my appid: “DECCC828-2720-F3EA-FFAD-586EEF9BD600”

Hello Yuriy,

Is your problem solved?


works now, thanks!