JS custom user field property error

Hi, I added a new column in the users table called staff_title via the backendless console and I am now getting what I think is weird and random behaviour when I try and get this property.

Sometimes it works completely expected, sometimes it throws an error and if I log the user out and login again normally stops the error, but not always. I can’t find a pattern.

My Javascript call is this.

.then( function( currentUser ) {
.catch( function ( error ) {

The error I am getting is this

backendlessfunctions.js:651 Error: Column ‘staff_title’ does not exist in table ‘Users’
at new ResponseError (backendless-request.js:172)
at checkStatus (backendless-request.js:363)

Can you advise please,

I am linking to https://api.backendless.com/sdk/js/latest/backendless.js


Hi Mike

Where does “backendlessfunctions.js” come from?

Could you please share a small code snippet with us to reproduce the problem, and also provide your appID

Regards, Vlad

Hi Vladimir

Strangely, It seems to be fine this morning. Fingers crossed it was just a one off ‘weird’ thing. Will let you know if it comes back!