JS documentation

Hi, In JS SDK documentation “Caching API” section you use this approach “Backendless.Cache” to deal with the API. But this gives me " undefined " error. After searching in google It seems somebody had reported about this issue: stayLoggedIn - stores data in LocalCache, not Cache?.

I think the documentation should be corrected to “Backendless.LocalCache” !

Hi Mohamad

No, with the docs is everything ok. There are two different things:

  • Backendless.LocalCache - it’s used for storing your user identity on the client side (when used stayLoggedIn)
  • Backendless.Cache - it’s used for storing any data in cache on the server

please describe your case in more details, and we will try to reproduce the problem

Regards, Vlad

That makes sense! Got it. A bit misunderstood. Thanks for replying.