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JS documentation

(Mohamad Mohamad Jamil) #1

Hi, In JS SDK documentation “Caching API” section you use this approach “Backendless.Cache” to deal with the API. But this gives me " undefined " error. After searching in google It seems somebody had reported about this issue: stayLoggedIn - stores data in LocalCache, not Cache?.

I think the documentation should be corrected to “Backendless.LocalCache” !

(Vladimir Upirov) #2

Hi Mohamad

No, with the docs is everything ok. There are two different things:

  • Backendless.LocalCache - it’s used for storing your user identity on the client side (when used stayLoggedIn)
  • Backendless.Cache - it’s used for storing any data in cache on the server

please describe your case in more details, and we will try to reproduce the problem

Regards, Vlad

(Mohamad Mohamad Jamil) #3

That makes sense! Got it. A bit misunderstood. Thanks for replying.