Json column: custom class


I wanted to know if it was possible to use custom class to save json and to retrieve json in Java ?

Thank you.

Hi. Could you please be more precise. It’s not clear what the problem is.
Java ecosystem has a lot of libs, which work with json. Backendless also can save and retrieve the data in json format.

Hi @oleg-vyalyh

Suppose I have a “computer” table with the following columns:

  • price (double)
  • quantity (int)
  • config (json)

Using the custom class approach, I create a Computer object in Java containing 3 properties:

  • price (Double)
  • quantity (Integer)
  • config

For the config property, can I use a Config custom class to represents the json so that I can save my Computer object like that Backendless.Data.of(Computer.class).save(computer) ?

Hi @Seb777 ,

Unfortunately it is not possible to use custom class for Json column value.

Regards, Andriy