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Jump to an item in a dynamic list


there is a dynamic list of say 50 items on the screen. How can I jump to say item 30?

Thank you and best regards,


Hello, @Joerg.

We already have a ticket to implement this feature( BKNDLSS-23145 ). We have raised the priority of this ticket.

Regards, Nikita.

Hi, @Joerg

We’ve just updated our cloud servers with a new component in UI-Builder section. It is called “Scroll to Component”, you can find it in the Device API section.


Hi All,

I found this post which got me a little closer to my end goal.

I thought this might not work but just took a chance that somehow it might, if possible could someone provide an example of the correct logic of how one could have a dynamic list scroll to the last item in the list.

I am trying to achieve the following.

On form submission a new dynamic list item is created (This works just fine)
Irrespective of where on the dynamic list the user might be, I want it to scroll automatically to the (last/ message just posted) in the list, this done on form submission.

Assistance would be appreciated.

Kind Regards,

Hello @Raymond_Woodley

I won’t work in this way because the Scroll to Component block expects a Component <id> block. And since the parent component is a Dynamic List all the inner (children) component will share the same identity and we can not determine which component (for ex: with id “MyListItem” ) you are referencing to. Finding specific components in a DynamicList by its Id outside the DynamicList is what we are planing implement in the future BKNDLSS-25042.

As a workaround I can recommend you to add the logic about scrolling to the “On Mounted” handler for the ListItemComponent

Take a look at this demo page

As you can see it always scrolls to the last added item

Hi @vladimir-upirov

Thanks for the work around, problem solved

Kind Regards,