Jump to an item in a dynamic list


there is a dynamic list of say 50 items on the screen. How can I jump to say item 30?

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Hello, @Joerg.

We already have a ticket to implement this feature( BKNDLSS-23145 ). We have raised the priority of this ticket.

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Hi, @Joerg

We’ve just updated our cloud servers with a new component in UI-Builder section. It is called “Scroll to Component”, you can find it in the Device API section. https://monosnap.com/direct/XJx7BpuQlZP3E6Dzgo8tVIg9sswlFX


Hi All,

I found this post which got me a little closer to my end goal.

I thought this might not work but just took a chance that somehow it might, if possible could someone provide an example of the correct logic of how one could have a dynamic list scroll to the last item in the list.

I am trying to achieve the following.

On form submission a new dynamic list item is created (This works just fine)
Irrespective of where on the dynamic list the user might be, I want it to scroll automatically to the (last/ message just posted) in the list, this done on form submission.

Assistance would be appreciated.

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Hello @Raymond_Woodley

I won’t work in this way because the Scroll to Component block expects a Component <id> block. And since the parent component is a Dynamic List all the inner (children) component will share the same identity and we can not determine which component (for ex: with id “MyListItem” ) you are referencing to. Finding specific components in a DynamicList by its Id outside the DynamicList is what we are planing implement in the future BKNDLSS-25042.

As a workaround I can recommend you to add the logic about scrolling to the “On Mounted” handler for the ListItemComponent

Take a look at this demo page https://backendlessappcontent.com/7E25B48A-05FA-0B5D-FFAE-63CC0AC26C00/E9920D04-8F81-D6EC-FFBB-4D4D78486100/files/ui-builder/containers/default/index.html?page=empty

As you can see it always scrolls to the last added item

Hi @vladimir-upirov

Thanks for the work around, problem solved

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Hi everyone, the demo referenced above isn’t working (> “code”:2002,“message”:"Unable to identify the application.). I’m very curious, this is supposed to scroll to the list item that was the most recently added? Or just always the bottom one?

Hi, @Alex_Klein

We are sorry, seems like the application has been deleted already. Need to scroll to the last added item.


Even if the item is in the middle of the items in the repeater, right? So “last” = “most recent” added item?

Yes, you are correct

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