Push Notifications Not Working

Push notifications are not working for IOS devices from appid 1C4C2185-F95D-87DB-FF24-30B70AFCAD00. We have the correct IOS APN installed as we are using the same APN on another vendor site (SendBird) and push notifications are working from there. Please advise

Hi Zachery,
I just tried publishing a few push notifications from the Messaging Console, and the server responded that they were published successfully. In case your iOS devices haven’t received these messages, there probably is some invalid code on the client responsible for receiving them. You can try to reproduce my use-case with the following commands from the Terminal.

Send message:

curl 'https://droneup.backendless.com/console/appversion/425E6C37-BB6D-279E-FF91-30A82A0BA200/messaging/default' -H 'auth-key: rgntqrnffdcdxqgokzzpymplpnxrcpqicxsq' -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -H 'application-id: 1C4C2185-F95D-87DB-FF24-30B70AFCAD00' --data-binary '{"message":"and test again","headers":{},"subtopic":"","publisherId":"","pushBroadcast":"IOS","pushPolicy":"only"}'

Example send response:


Get message status:

curl -H application-id:1C4C2185-F95D-87DB-FF24-30B70AFCAD00 -H secret-key:83FB4F89-D468-4A0C-FF32-C90E98BFD200 https://droneup.backendless.com/api/dev/messaging/29DE476C-4D2D-09D8-FF0F-3FAAB34FFD00 

(note that here you should put the messageId from the previous response in the end)
Example get status response:


Perhaps you’re sending the message differently, but anyway you’ll get the messageId in response and will be able to check it’s status using the API (e.g. the REST API example above).