Landing Page & Index.html File Blank

This problem first started when I renamed my landing page from “Landing” to Landing_v1".
I can publish the page fine, but when I go to open the published page, it is blank. Checked. The file …/files/web/app/index.html and it is also blank.

I created a new app and once again renamed “Landing” to Landing_v1".
Same error. So I know this is duplicatable.

Oops. An internal error [9832c7ff18777bf5410201743eeae418] has occurred.
We are working on it. Please try again later
App ID: CAA21524-8666-2BDF-FF58-C3E148199200

Since this was a new app, I figured the easiest workaround would to to do a app Reset.
That worked. Got the confirmation email.

  • Reset of ‘Data Objects’ has completed successfully. All data objects have been removed. The tables remain intact.
  • Reset of ‘Files’ has completed successfully. All files has been deleted, the directory structure remains intact.
  • Reset of ‘Users’ has completed successfully. All users have been removed from the application.

But now I’m locked out of my Springboad app with this error message:

PS: I’ll work on another app for now.

@vladimir-upirov, could you please help with this one?

@vladimir-upirov @mark-piller,
hello sir/ma’am!

can you please check my UI builder in container “NoName” and on click method/function of button login.

I cant execute the button login on click… even the log doesn’t show in real-time logging console.

But in default container it works.
And I wonder, since I post here on deleting the default container and successfully deleted, and when I reload the page the default container are restored…hmm :thinking::thinking::thinking:

App ID:

@John_Aerial_Azcune, please open a support topic for every issue you submit. Also, please avoid posting the same message in multiple topics.


Hello @Townsend

Thanks for this report.
There is a problem with renaming “Main/Home” page, and I just created an internal ticket to fix it, BKNDLSS-23000 and this one BKNDLSS-22342 is more related to the An internal error [9832c7ff18777bf5410201743eeae418] has occurred

Could you please check your …/files/web/app/index.html it should work now

According to the Resetting App, as you can see in the log:
Reset of ‘Files’ has completed successfully. All files has been deleted, the directory structure remains intact.
All the files have been removed but it remains all the directories of pages/components etc. but files/directories structure is very important and sensitive for the UI-Builder. That’s why the UI-Builder doesn’t work in your app now.

We’re going to discuss it with the team and find the best way to avoid the issue, however as a workaround I can propose you just remove the ../ui-builder folder and open the UI-builder page, it will restore all the files and basic container/page.

Regards, Vlad

just remove the …/ui-builder folder and open the UI-builder page, it will restore all the files and basic container/page.

@vladimir-upirov That got me back into the UI Builder .
But the Preview page is still blank.
And when I click on Publish, I get this error:
An internal error [6d0d55e4e5aa71576d6b3aaf1a648169] has occurred.

Would it be okay if I deleted the app entirely? I could then recreate if from scratch. Would it still count as my SprintBoard app? Or can I just choose another app as my SpringBoard app?

PS: No rush. I’ll work on something else for now.

yes, this is expected, if there is in the app no “ui-builder” folder the system will create a basic one

We released a new version today and seems like you have old/cached version of the console, could you refresh the browser page and try one more time to publish. On click at the Publish Button, you should see a File Browser for selecting a destination directory

I cleared my browser cache. Refreshed my screen and got he new version!

Preview is fine. The Publish File Browser is new. Doesn’t seem to have the option to publish all, so I tried 1- web, 2- servercode, and 3- ui-builder individually. Crashed at first, but now seems to be working. If we can’t select the Root, (publish all), then will I need to Publish all 3, each time?

Hi Paul,

When you click Publish, you’re publishing the current container (all pages in it). With that being said, what do you mean by “publish all” ?


The Publish App File Browser is a set of radio buttons, which means only one Folder can be selected at a time. The fist time the App File Browser opens the Apply button is inactive. Only after selecting one of the radio buttons does the Apply button become active.

When I used the phrase “publish all,” I was referring to something like, publish all changes.

In the Publish App Browser you select where to publish. The publishing process publishes all changes in the current app container.

@mark-piller When looking at the popup window, it looks more like WHAT to publish than WHERE to publish. There is no popup for destination folder. For instance, let’s say I was working on my app and ready to publish some changes. What the differece between selecting the “web” radio button compared to the “servercode” radio button. I would think that the web code would be dependent on the servercode, thus both would be required.

I understand how you see it. It is different from the way it is implemented. The way it works is you select a directory where your UI container (app) will be published. That selection is made by clicking a radio button corresponding to a directory where the app is to be published.


Got it! Any folder I create will show up here. And I can publish to that named folder.
Thanks for your patience… explaining this to me.

Maybe in the future: system folders could be excluded from the list.
(To keep other newbies on track.)

I just created an internal ticket BKNDLSS-23020 to improve the popup

Regards, Vlad

Hello @Townsend

We’ve just updated cloud servers with a fix for the BKNDLSS-23000.
The issue with renaming pages has been fixed.