Landscape Orientation

Ok … this is probably going to be something super easy that I’m missing but … I am now starting my 2nd app on Backendless and I want it to only be in landscape. How do I set that up? I’m going to keep looking because I feel like I’m missing something obvious. Any help though is appreciated!

Hello @Stephen_Elkins

Could you please describe your case in more detail? Can you provide us an APP ID? Also, we need to understand what kind of outcome do you expect. Can you send us an example or draw it in some editor?


Hey Inna! I sure can. I’m developing an app that I want to be used only in Landscape mode and not Portrait mode. I want to force the app so it can only be used in that orientation/mode. I set it up to have landscape dimensions but when I try to look at it in the Backendless Viewer it renders it in portrait and is quite jumbled compared to how it’s actually laid out. So, I’m thinking I need to find a way to force it into landscape mode.

Hi @Stephen_Elkins

I’ve created an internal ticket to discuss the feature


That’s so awesome Vladimir! Thank you very much. In addition, I wouldn’t mind the capability to “swipe to next/previous page” if that’s doable. Maybe as part of the App Router section? Have a great day!