Layout Component Decisions

In the UI we have the option of using a number of layout features: Containers, Rows, Cells, Blocks.
I believe I have the most flexibility for sizing the fields and rows using Blocks and Text but I am not sure really if that is the best practice. Containers can only contain rows, rows contain cells, cells contain static or dynamic content.
What would you recommend using for Layout options to create the sort of table/form below? The blank fields are where the CRUD data will be. I am thinking of using just Blocks and Text as it seems that the Layout options can be used in anyway we like.

Mark commented on this in Slack and suggested it is a better topic for the support forum.

The approach you described is fully functional and you may use as you like.
In case of usage Block and Text with the combination of styles you able to imitate the table from. UI-Builder blocks are build on a flex system.
Being used grid system will require you set the style display: grid; for the blocks and thus – added additional parameters accroding grid system.

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