Leaflet map markers incorrect number of markers shown

I am using a leaflet map. what i’m seeing is map markers are not removed from the map when the list gets updated (say with fewer items). IE when I create a list of markers (say 50 Items) the map updates to show 50 markers. When I rerun this (that is within the application ) with fewer items (say 4) I will see 50 markers on the map instead of 4.

let me show you what I mean:

here is the map

looks good. Now lets run this with a lower value so we reduce the number of map makers.

here I got only 7 rows returned. and you can see the property only has 8 items. but look at the map
I was expecting to see 8 markers not 67

The map marker list is created here as an empty list

the list markers are added to this list and finally stored in page data.


the leaflet is set this way

so it seems like its not deleting markers when it gets a new list of markers.

app id 9359F741-6D5D-AEF2-FF22-4834A2050400
default container
page map_dg_test

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Hi, @hharrington
Check if the Leaflet map has the latest version(1.1.2), we already fixed this problem and it has to work properly.
If not maybe Leaflet map doesn’t receive new markers add print in Markers Logic to see it.

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Ok I updated and looks like my issue is resolved. How can I get on a notification list when a new version of a component I’m using is released?



Hi @hharrington,

This was a good question. I have created an internal ticket BKNDLSS-33836 to implement this option. We will let you know when this improvement is implemented.



@hharrington, Hi!
Now you can check your version here:
UI Builder > Frontend > Components > * component name * > version.
On the actual component version you have 2 labels “latest” (green) and “current” (orange).

That’s a step in the right direction but still requires users to manually check the version of each plugin used. I would really like to see a new column under “components” called “update notification” with a checkbox for each component that will send email when a new version is available.
something like this:



Hi @hharrington

That’s a great idea and we already have a ticket to notify customers when a new version of the installed product is available