Legacy Geolocation Support Phasing Out

I have an app which uses Legacy Geolocation. I don’t need the Geo Tab. Is it will work after 5 October?

Hi @Apu_The_Great

Legacy Geo section will be removed in the first upcoming release, but all applications will continue working, don’t worry.

Regards, Igor

I would like to clarify that the legacy geolocation in your app must be migrated to the new geolocation API. When the legacy geolocation is removed, both the Geolocation section in console will go away AND support at the API level.


But is the new API able to show the Geo Location Metadata? I don’t found anything like that on the new Geo Location AP documentation.

The new API allows to store geo points right as a property of an object. The actual object is your location metadata as you can create any columns to store additional information.