Let's push task 3 - sent but mission not complete?

Mission: LET’S PUSH
Task: Send a push notification from console to a segmented audience

Hi - I have two (emulated) devices registered, and followed instructions to associate Address table.
I used the segment feature to specify the audience - the console said Estimated number of recipients = 2 which is as expected. But after I sent it the mission task didn’t register as being complete.

What am I missing?

Ah I figured it out!
My push template was named something different from PushMission.
It appears the system only accepts PushMission as the template name.
You might want to specify this in the instructions?

Glad you got it working, Spencer. As for instructions, I believe they imply to use the template created in a previous mission:

A push notification template is created. This also has already been done
in a previous task (from the `PUSH COMMANDER` mission).