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Level 3 Developer Profile Page Missing?

Just an observation, when you collect 5000 experience points it says the reward for Level 3 is that you can list your skills on your developer page. However my developer page is totally blank and shows I have no XP’s :frowning:

I don’t really mind but I thought I’d mention it…

Hello, @Graham_Reddie

Thank you for informing us about this problem.

An internal ticket BKNDLSS-22960 is created to investigate and fix this bug. We’ll notify you as soon as it is fixed.

Regards, Dima

Thanks for replying so quick :wink:

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Hey @Graham_Reddie,

we have fixed this issue. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Best regards,

YEah that’s cool, thank you.

I noticed the Linkedin URL is overflowing on my profile page. (link in first post)

Thanks, we’ll fix it also. We will let you know when it’s ready!