Library not found for -lavdevice


I am getting an error when installing the Backendless SDK manually.

I have got the correct items in the link binaries with libraries and get the error when I add the lib folder to my project.

I have attached a screenshot of said problem.

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Hello, please describe steps to reproduce your issue.

also I suggest you to use cocoa pods here it is quick start guide


I firstly went to Build Phases> Link Binaries With Libraries and added SystemConfiguration.framework
libsqlite3.dylib, libz.dylib

I then went to File>Add files to project and selected the lib folder from the iOS SDK.

I followed the steps found at

I am unable to use cocoa pods due to another SDK I am developing with.

I have used this before without a problem.


I have created internal ticket BKNDLSS-13844, we will notify you as soon as it will be resolved.

Thanks for your help