"License is not found" error during user update

I update user several times (I just set my custom property) and user update method of backendless.UserService. At the beginning everything is OK, but then if fails with error:
message = License is not found, details = You should get a license for using this library, errorCode = 9999

My app id is: 8DF7CD66-8E48-1431-FFA8-C44D5871CF00

I could repeat this bug several times. But when it fails with this error, every other next user update request fails too. But when I restart the application everything becomes OK.

My update user code is:

backendless.userService update:user response:^(BackendlessUser *userBackendless_updated) {
    } error:^(Fault * errorBackEndless) {
        NSLog(@"failLog %@: message = %@, details = %@, errorCode = %@", startTitle, errorBackEndless.message, errorBackEndless.detail, errorBackEndless.faultCode);

We have fixed the problem. Download the latest SDK distribution here: https://github.com/Backendless/iOS-Samples/archive/master.zip

We will be updating the website shortly.


Thank you