Like to join slack channel

However, the invitation link at the top of the page is no longer valid.

We’re working with slack to get this fixed. Meanwhile, please let me know what email address you’d like to use and I will send an invite.


Send it to the one in my profile please.

Slack is being difficult.</img>

You should be receiving an invite in your email now.

Hi, can I get an invite to the slack channel as well. The link on the Forums main page assumes I already have a login.



To join the slack channel please visit and enter your email address.


The above link still takes me to a page that expects me to have a username and password and directs me to contact an admin if I’d like to join.

However…in my wanderings I decided to try the “Slack” nav item found on this page and voila!

It directs me to

Which allowed me to successfully request a join request.

Thanks for the quick response.