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Limit is reached but current usages don´t

At the moment i’m just working on the design of the pages and some logic to navigate. only a few pages have api request, today I was working in one page with a video, that´s all.

or maybe it is the current user function. That would be something that could trigger the SuperScaling blockage?

The app has been unblocked. Please check now. Let me know if it happens again.
Btw, we will be reviewing the blocking policy.


It works. Thanks

Hello, i get this error, i only use my computer with VPN. what should I do?
I tried to buy cloud9 but backendless decrease 1$ from my account and the card not updated.

Also can you please tell me what is SuperScaling?
i developed some android application and it downloaded over the word.
if i use the spring board then i can not log in my panel with vpn ? or in another country ?
or if i use the spring board then my users can not call the api from whole of the word?

Hurhco Droid, please, provide your appId, in order we can check what is going on with your credit card.

If you use VPN, please make sure the VPN-server has static IP. If it has dynamic IP, you may stuck with the SuperScaling, because it can consider different IPs as different clients.

SuperScaling allow your app to use more power of our servers for serving your clients.

Dear Oleg,
thank you so much for your reply, actually it solved automatically. and now I do not have any problem.

I used a free VPN application and it has a dynamic IP.

My AppId: 01B43E68-0688-4864-8634-1665D3C29E74

I didn`t know multi-location is forbidden on this plan and I forced to pay 25$ for cloud 9 to unblock my API. I’ve only begun of my business and it is hard for me to pay for this plan.

I have a request,
before I activated the springboard I used the free version of BackendLess and my account is old. please do me a favor and reactive that the free version accounts for me.

@oleg-vyalyh, this issue has been resolved offline.