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Limits for free tier (i.e. push notifications number)

(Michele Riso) #1

in this page you specify some limits for the free tier, but I would like to have some extra explanations :slight_smile:

    The limit of 1M of push notifications is for each month? Or is the total number of push notifications that you can send for free? The same question for pub/sub messagges The cloud code execution time is for each script and for each run of the script?
Thanks in advance Regards Michele

(Mark Piller) #2

Hi Michele,

The limits for push notifications and pub/sub messages are monthly.

The code execution time is for each run (timers) or invocation(handlers, services).


(Michele Riso) #3

Thanks Mark

Are the limits for the number of data tables, data objects in table and geopoints monthly aswell?

Thanks again

(Mark Piller) #4

Yes, in fact all limits are on the monthly basis.