List of tables by user

Hi - is there a way to get a list of all tables that is created by a user? I have an app which lets user create tables (dynamic schema). I need to have users see all the tables that they have created (and also restrict them to their tables only). What’s the best way to achieve this?

There is no built-in API that would return a list of tables. However, a solution I’d use would be having a separate table where you store a list of tables created by a user (say in a JSON column) and a related column to the Users table. This way you will have a mapping between a user and the tables they created. Any time when they create/rename/delete a table, you’d need to update the JSON value.

Thanks for quick reply. Interesting idea. I will try to implement it right now and let you know how it goes.

Hi Mike - how do you make sure a user can only access their own tables? I have multiple users who sign up and create tables dynamically and I want to make sure they can only access their tables. Thanks.

Hi. You can set up users’ permission for the tables.

This is not what I am looking for. As mentioned, users sign up and then create tables (dynamically). The entire process is automatic. I cannot manually change any permissions. I only want users to be able to access their own tables that they created.

Hi @LetMeTest,

To do this, you can use the following API to give the user access to a specific table:

Method: PUT
Request URL:<tableName>/permissions/<permissionType>
Request body:
   "permission": <permission>,

In the request URL, you must specify the table name in <tableName> and GRANT or DENY in <permissionType>.
In the body of the request:

  1. For the permission parameter, specify one of the following operations:

Or instead of a specific operation, you can use * to change permissions for all operations.

  1. The body should contain user (object id) or role (role name) property. If both present role will be ignored.


Hi Nazar - when user creates the table (I am using dynamic schema), the automatically have access to that table. So it’s not about giving access. I need to know how to restrict access to only the tables they have created.

Do you need to do it programmatically or manually in Backendless Console?

Programtically. I am using rest API to connect another front end to BE.

Here’s how I would structure it:

  1. Create a custom security role in Backendless.
  2. Configure that custom security role to deny access to ALL tables (this would be a global permission denial done on the following screen):
  3. When a new user is created, assign that security role (there is an API for that)
  4. When a user creates a table, use the API described by Nazar here. This will grant access to that specific user to access that specific table.


Interesting idea. I will test it out and let you know. Thank you!