Load Grouped Table/View objects

Is this block documented anywhere? Right now in particular:

  • What is the relation between the “group page size”, “records page size” and “page size”?
  • Is this the right block to use to load data from a table view?


If you have “group by”:
I recommend set to “group depth” the count of “group by” items
“group page size” is a query param to get data from a specific group. To get data from a specific group we can with “group path”.
“records page size” is page size for all groups data
“page size” is max groups count.
“group path” for the “EVENT 3” group (on screenshot) is

If you do not have “group by”:
“page size” is max records count.


Hi everyone, sorry but I can’t make sense out of @viktor.liablin 's answer… say I have a table with objects where there’s a column “name” and a column “attended” (boolean). I would like to get the number of “attended = T” for each name. How would I do this?

I gather wiring “name” into the “group by” will produce an array of objects with unique names. But how to get that number of “attended = True” (and/or “attended = False”) for each name?

It would be great if there was an explicit description/documentation for each if the inputs to this block…

Hi Alex,

I assume you have duplicate names in the table?

Before you start wiring values into the Codeless block, I highly recommend getting the API request working in the REST Console.


Makes sense, I’ve played with the REST console and see that it’s much quicker to experiment and get the data in the right format. Ended up just using a regular “find” block (in a transaction), rather than the “load Grouped Table/View Objects” block referenced above… which is still somewhat mysterious :grimacing: