Load relations operation for transactions?

We need to get all relations (1:N) for an object in a table, and need to specify the sorting for it… there’s a block in the Data API menu which can do this:

However, we would like this to run as part of a transaction so as to cut down on API calls… but there is no block for this kind of operation in the “transactions API” menu. Any plans to add it?

As it is now, we can get the relations we need from an operation in a transaction… it’s just that they are not sorted properly (they are sorted by objectID, looks like). Perhaps we should create some extra code that sorts the relation array? If so, is there a nice example of sorting an array of objects by a property using codeless? Thnx

How about fetching the objects using the “Retrieving objects” operation that transactions support?

If you need to retrieve related objects for a specific parent (or even child) object, you can do so by setting up the where clause accordingly. And then, you can use the sortBy argument to sort them any way you want to.

Yep, will do that (retrieve objects where parent = xyz), thnx