Load table objects: sort descending


in the Load Table Objects is a ‘sort by’ parameter. How the sort be switched to ‘descending’?

Thank you and best regards,


Hi, Joerg.
The example in a REST form looks like (pay attention to the sortBy parameter):

https://api.backendless.com/67D0DFF2-C1BA-CE27-FFE5-ACFB006D0C00/A7CC80B0-1D8A-B6E9-FF4E-EABF751C6F00/data/Users?property=name&sortBy=name desc

If you are talking about our REST-console, use the arrow just right to the name of the column.

In Codeless you may use text block for sorting and specify sort direction after field name using space:

If you need to specify it dynamically, you may use Create Text With block:


Perfect, thanks Stanislaw