Loading autoload enabled data object but with LazyLoad

I have Table A related to B and C with autoload enabled but In some cases I want to load all data related to A but In some cases I want to load only A but not B and C,
So how Can I LazyLoad B and C while they are autoload enabled?


No, there is no way to disable autoload from code. In order to implement the behaviour you’d like you should use request with “relationDepth” or “loadRelations” as described here: https://backendless.com/documentation/data/android/data_relations_retrieve.htm
hope it helps,

then how do I set loadRelation as none or relatioDepth as 0, b’coz I dont want to load any relations that table A has.

You may either set it to 0, or not send at all.

Even though I send 0 or not the service fetches all related data objects

Are you sure that you’ve disabled “autoload”?

No I have not disabled ‘autoload’
in fact In ‘autoload enabled itself’ I want to do the above thing.

If “autoload” is enabled - relations would be loaded implicitly and there is no way to disable this behaviour. However, you can disable “autoload” and load related objects only when it’s needed by using “relationDepth” and|or “loadRelations” features.

I disabled autoload and then setting relation depth ,

Worked like a charm