Loading many objects (>100) & PageSize Limit


Is it possible to load, for example, 500 objects at once, that is to say without using getNextPage() function ?

Given that pageSize query option can’t take a value greater than 100 ( as specified here : http://support.backendless.com/responses/using-pagesize-and-offset-in-rest-api ), I guess the answer is no. Is that correct?

Thanks in advance,



Hi Christophe,

The answer is “no”. There are several reasons for 100 records limit:

    Not a single user can comprehend that many records at the same time. Even 100 is way too many. Think about your users and do not overwhelm them with the information. Use paging. Serializing more than 100 records may impact the transmission times. You want your application to be snappy and display information the moment when the user requests it.
Hope this helps.


Hi Mark,

Thank you for the clarification.

I thought initially load an entire customer (or supplier) file. But indeed, it’s ultimately not so absolutely necessary.



I wanted to send an SMS to a user if his competence has a relation to a job offer. Is that sorting will do on only 100 users.