Loading Relations

.net SDK

Application ID : 34D9A170-4FEC-58C5-FFB7-8A43223A3500

Actual Behavior

1.when I load any relation it doesn’t load even if I’m activating autoload , it was working before and it stopped working .

Reproducible Test Case

DataQueryBuilder qb = DataQueryBuilder.Create();
qb.SetRelated(new List{
“Area” , “UserId”, “Categories”});
qb.SetWhereClause(“About = ‘Amr 2 is testing’”);
var merchants = Backendless.Data.Of(“Merchant”).Find(qb);

Hello @Amr_Rashed

Sorry for the delay, I’ve created ticket to investigate your problem, BKNDLSS-21129.
Could you please provide version of the SDK you use?

Regards, Vlad

Hello Vladimir ,
no worries , I’m using 5.5.1 .net SDK

Thanks ,
Amr Rashed

@Hello Amr_Rashed
Did you get any error?

Regards, Nikita

Hello Nikita ,

No there is no error , it’s just loaded as null if it’s an object and an empty list if it’s collection

I found a work around but that’s an issue , when I set relation page size with value , it works
I supposed the default is 10 according to the documentation .

so If I worked with the same code in the ticket but only added relationpagesize it works

Amr Rashed

Hello @Amr_Rashed!
We fixed bug with relations.
And will update Nugget on Monday

Regards, Nikita