Local hosting of Google Fonts for Icons possible?

I am assuming that the Icon Element you are providing in UI Builder is based on Google Fonts and is creating this element in the Head of a Page.
<link rel="stylesheet" href="https://fonts.googleapis.com/icon?family=Material+Icons+Round">

As this is a data protection issue (GDPR) in Germany I would like to host this font locally, but using the backendless Icon element.

Is this somehow possible?

Hello @Jorg_Beyer,

we have this in our nearest plans.
A dedicated internal ticket is created for this improvement - BKNDLSS-30343.
We will notify you here once it is done.


This would be very important for me as well.

Good news, I am looking forward to that. Until then I would like to avoid Google Fonts. How can I achieve it with backendless?

Until then it is not possible, unfortunately.

If I delete the above mentioned CSS entry my Website still works and looks fine. To delete this statement would be sufficient for me. I am using the “Modern Light Theme”. Don’t you see no chance somewhere deep in the stylesheets of this theme where I can get rid of this font family?

You could try to remove it from index.html in the published app. But after every publish operation that should be done again.

To do that you must open Backend → Files and find index.html in web directory through a path that you use for publishing.

If that doesn’t help - we can only wait until we release BKNDLSS-30343