Local Storage

Are there any tutorials for creating a ToDo App with local storage or device storage instead of using the Backendless Database?

Hello @George_Thyparampil

I’m not sure we have one, but it should be very similar to apps based on DB storage, the only difference it is how you save/retrieve data

Do you have any problems working with LocalStorage?


What I mean is, if I wanted to store data on device storage or device memory (not local storage or backendless DB) but on the actual device itself, is that possible in Backendless?

The reason I am asking is, if I developed a mobile app using backendless and gave it to a customer, I want that app to write data to the customer’s device. I hope you understand.

Let me know.

Also, are there any tutorials on using localStorage? Like building a web app with localStorage or building a todo app with localStorage?

Thanks for the detailed explanation, are you going to build an app using Backendless UIBuilder (nocode) or a Backendless SDK?

I am planning on building a web app with UI builder. For example, if I build a todo list using backendless and bundle it to an APK with a tool like Gonative, and if I distribute that app to a user will the user be able to store their todo list items on their device? Or, where can I find a detailed tutorials on using localStorage in backendless. Anything like localStorage or indexedDB in Javascript.

ok, we’ve got Codeless blocks for working with LocalStorage

I’m not sure it requires any guides or tutorials, the interface is very simple, just put something and then get it using the same key

According to indexedDB we do not have any, however, there is a CustomCode block that you can use to write code

UI Builder - aa11aa - Backendless 2021-12-10 18-18-14

Thanks, This should do it.

With the above code I can console.log all the items. Could you advise me on how I could display the data in a dynamic list instead of logging it on the console. Also I should be able to add items to the list from an input element.

it should work the same way as with the database, I can recommend you to take a look at video tutorials about our UIBuilder

Thank You.