Localization (feature request)

Just one thing which I’m missing in your great tool: it’s the ability to define localized text to offer multi-language applications. Usually this is done by using special types of named symbols instead of string literals. For each symbol, there can be a set of language translations. At runtime, the system replaces the symbol with the appropriate string depending on the current locale.
I’m hesitating to build such a framework by myself. It’s clearly the task of a dev and runtime platform.
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Hello @Klaas_Klever,

I’ve created the BKNDLSS-25859 ticket to discuss this feature with our team.


I think in Europe this feature will be very welcome if someone wants to scale his app users …

@olhadanylova ,
One thing I want to add:
The requirement of “Localization” can be splitted into two different parts. (1) localized texts and (2) localized data.

Localized texts refers to all the texts which are attached to UI elements, like input field labels, or text literals in descriptive text fields, or help texts.

Localized data refers to the localization of texts which are created as part of a business transaction. For instance, if you are an online shop and if you create a product in your database, you might want to maintain product descriptions in multiple languages. These descriptions are to be stored in the database and shall be linked to the “localized” description field of your product table. As a developer, I don’t want to care about designing and creating a persistence for localized data each time. I just want to create the product table and mark the description field as “localized”. The rest shall happen behind the scenes. Also, Backendless database APIs shall automatically extract/write the right texts according to a given locale or the default locale.


Hello @Klaas_Klever

Thank you for the detailed description.
You help us make our product even better.

Any news on that feature request?

Hello @sdanieli

Unfortunately, but still no news. We will inform you in this topic as fast as there will be any decision about it.