Location Update

I am working on updating location while application is not running or in background. I already give the connection between GeoPoint and User table. But i don’t know how to update user location while application not running or in background ? Please suggest me good way to do this.
Thank You

Hi Vishal,

Please, pay attention to these articles (one, two). They can be helpful for your issue.
Regards, Ilya

Hey guys, the first link is missing…

We are evaluating back endless for a ride share type app and the top of the list of things to ensure is that we can in fact get background location while the app is not open. We would use the coddles frontend builder to build the app.

Can you guys confirm that we can in fact get that background location coming from the drivers app and if possible send me in the direction of some information on how we might implement this?

Hi @Chad_Wyatt

It’s been 6 years since those links were added =)
I believe, it depends on Native (iOS/Android) code/settings, if you are going to pack your UI-Builder app into a native code the answer is yes, it should be possible

Regards, Vlad

You could use this plugin for cordova (if you use cordova)

And save the data from the plugin in backendless as usual

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Thanks guys