Locked Out

Blocked out of my app, please help!

application ID: 4EE0812B-BDCD-3B12-FFB8-AE2D10864700

Hi @SomeOneBeLaggin

We are looking into it

The system tried to charge from 14 to 18 June 5 times and all these transactions were canceled.
Make sure your credit card assigned to the app is valid and there is enough money to pay.
Please let us know and we run one more try manually.


the card now has around 60$ in it, and should still be valid since it billed already once before.


Hi @SomeOneBeLaggin ,

Unfortunately, the attempt to reactivate your application’s subscription was unsuccessful. The transaction to charge the debt of $26.54 was declined due to reasons beyond our control. Please check the validity of your card and ensure it has sufficient funds, or add a different card. I can confirm that there was a successful charge once, but currently, all attempts are being declined.


Hi @Viktor_Mudrevsky

I have updated the payment information of the card of already use, as well as re-entered it and use that as my payment method. If this doesn’t work, is there any way I am able to pay via PayPal for the funds, as the use for this software over the next 2 months if very crucial to my project.



Your subscription has been reactivated.