Locking pages in Retool / Ui Bakery only for logged in users


I’m trying to build an App in either Retool or UI Bakery with the Member-/Userdatabase from Backendless. (Still figuring out if I wanna use Retool or UI Bakery)
I was able to set up the registration and login from this great blog: The Best UI Bakery No-Code Backend Integration | Backendless

Now I’m a bit stuck: how do I lock pages (Ui Bakery) or apps (Retool) from people who are not logged in yet? Should I somehow block the URL’s from the pages, if they are not logged in?
I think an approach is to save the current user to a local storage or a database, but I don’t know how to give them access to pages once they are logged in.

Can someone help me here? Would be really great.
Thanks, Lars

Hi Lars,

I believe this question would be to ask support from either retool or UI bakery.


Thanks Mark,
I was able to solve it with UI Bakery. First thought the question might be right here, but makes sense that this is on their side.

Thanks for your time.
Regards, Lars