Log Management page keeps loading indefinitely

I just sent an API request to log my first log entry and when I go to the Log Management page it just continues to say “loading…”. I have been waiting for about 10 mins.

Here is an error message presented on the dev console…
GET https://develop.backendless.com/console/appversion/<some guid>/logging/config 500 (Internal Server Error)

Note: I did not want to display the GUID in case it was sensitive information (ie <some guid>)

Could you please let us know your APP ID and one of the error IDs? You’re welcome to send it to us via email: support@backendless.com.


I have sent over the information you have requested. I am still having the issue.

I was able to resolve this problem myself. Somehow the logFormat for the logger was removed. Not sure what caused this to happen, which is kinda troubling. I fixed it by adding the logFormat back to the logger in the Data Management section under the logger table/entity.