Log search experience

I am looking for ways to make log management more efficient.
As our logs have increased in size, we switched our log file policy to fixed file size logging.
Now the files are called names like backendlesslog-12345.log and are not easy to find and manipulate
We have even created a quick UI to search logs based on last date modified and find what we need.

Is there any plan to improve the log search experience?
I am possibly interested in the Elastic Search integration. Is there some documentation you can point me to on how to do that?

Hello @Andreas_Marinopoulos ,

Sorry for the long wait and thanks for your patience.

Elastic Search integration is available in Backendless.
For this, you need to raise your own service on your server to get a generated domain (In the case of Amazon, MS Azure hosting) or just an IP address.
Next you need to go to “Manage” > “Log Management” > “Integrations”. In the field for “Elastic Search” you need to specify the Endpoint domain or IP address at which Elastic Search is available and activate the switch. If the service on that domain is closed by Basic Auth, then the value must include URL-based authorization for Basic Auth.

Regards, Nazar