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Logged In User Does Not Update

I am working on a site which should grant the user access to a new “members”/“logged-in” page after logging in using the login page. The main (logged-in) page has a text element which states the name of the logged in user.

I am using “222” and “333” as test accounts/usernames.

Upon logging in with “222” and being redirected to the next page", the page returns “Logged In As 222”. However, if I log out and log in as “333”, the main page still returns “Logged In As 222”. When I refresh my browser/page, it then changes to “Logged In As 333”.

What is causing this, and how can I fix it? Thanks!

"Login" Button Logic On Login Page:

OnEnter Logic on Main page

Logout Button Logic:

Hello @Sikke_Pulsa

Welcome to our community and thank you for trying out Backendless!

Please provide your applicationId.

Try to mark the reload checkbox in the get current user block.

Application ID: 9D91F26C-A232-4865-AFDB-6F8E2712688F

I tried marking the reload checkbox and re-published the app but it did not solve the issue. Same with the “return user” checkbox in the login user block.

Hello @Sikke_Pulsa

Different pages have different Page Data. So on Home page, you have not updated username.
So if you save at Login page your data to App Data this problem has gone.

Regards, Dima.