Logging not working in Business logic

I use coderunner to debug server code. However, sometimes my function does not seem to do all what I try to do (might be timeouts). I’d like to create some logs to see what exactly is going on.
However, using the suggested approach from the documentation I could not get it to work.
Below is code for a timer function which I fire in the dashboard>businesslogic>timers>debug>run
I expect a log file in the files section, or in the manage>log management. However there is nothing there.
Am I missing something?

public class HourlyTimer extends com.backendless.servercode.extension.TimerExtender

    public void execute(String appVersionId) throws Exception

    public static void bar()
        Logger log = Logger.getLogger( HourlyTimer.class );
        LogBuffer.getInstance().setLogReportingPolicy( 1, 0 );
        log.debug( "start bar");
        log.debug( "end bar");


I have the same problem.
It seems that there was no problem until yesterday.


Hello Peter

I was able to reproduce the issue and have opened the internal ticket which you can reference by id BKNDLSS-13465. We will notify you with results

Regards Anton

Thank you Anton, I will await your response.