Logging went missing

i have a question on logging. i had went through the video on logging too but i needed more information on logging config and stuff.
Basically i was able to register a user through API and getting a proper response back from it.
however, i wanted to add a event handler upon registering to assign additional role to the created user. using codeless, i managed to add in log but after a while, the log seems to die off. Hence, can i find out what can i do to see the logs again?
i did managed to get the info i need through other means like sending the info to front instead but log will still be needed.
below are some screenshot of the setting and stuff.
current log - contain info when i push event handler update to prod only but dont seems like my logger was recorded

part of my event handler that log the response
log from previous attempt. i tried to grab objectid from response to use it as identifier to assign role. note that this is just to show that my log was working previously

logger table

log management

code display for codeless event handler
event handler page

Hello @Alan_Tan

I’m looking into your problem,
and could you please provide your APP_ID

Regards, Vlad

Have you clicked at “CLEAR LOGGERS” button on the LogManagement screen?
Or maybe you have removed the logger on the DataBrowser screen?

I just tried to clean up all my loggers and then execute your code in my app, and after a while, I can see that “RegisterUser” and “SERVER_CODE” loggers have presented again on both screens Data and LogManagement screens.

So could you please run API for registering a new user and check your loggers in a few minutes.

Regards, Vlad

my app id is 3C7F2908-C743-A46C-FFEC-A581A1C40700.
yes i did hit “clear loggers” once(i think) when i wasnt able to get the logger working again. i did re-deploy again my code to prod after that but i still dont see RegisterUser appearing in logmanagement.

it is working again! thanks you!
Steps i took

  1. hit “Clear loggers” in log management
  2. delete event handler in prod in business logic
  3. go to business logic > event handler > codeless designer and deploy model again


Now I see what’s the problem.
Redeploy won’t help you because this custom logger will be registered only in runtime.
So try to invoke the BL (run API for registering a new user) and it will appear in a while.

Regards, Vlad