Loggly integration - how to


I have seen that Backendless provides built-in Loggly integration.

Apart from providing one’s Loggly customer token in the Log Management “Integrations” tab, is there anything else that is required ? Is there any configuration to be done in Loggly ?

Where in Loggly are the Backendless log events sent ? I can’t seem to see anything in Loggly.

As an alternative, is there any other (simple and free) solution that users here have successfully used to monitor their logs ?

Thanks for any advice.

Just as a follow up, it seems data finally started flowing through. In fact it looks as though data is fed once a day. Perhaps the Backendless team can confirm that.

I would suggest that we could optionally set a greater frequency, perhaps once per hour or so, so that it is possible to analyse what is happening without having to wait on the next day.

Also, I noticed that some data which appears in the Backendless logs is not fed to Loggly. The Logger and the User, for instance, don’t appear in my feed. Is that normal ?

We’re considering adding an option for more frequent synchronization. If it were available as a paid add-on, would you consider using it?

Could you clarify what The Logger and the User are?


Here is an excerpt of my logs in Backendless. I have highlighted the Logger (boxed in red) and User (boxed in orange) parts which are fed automatically in the log. These are very useful bits of information, but I do no see them landing into Loggly.

As for the tough question of whether I would be willing to pay. Honestly not at this stage, because I am just launching my product. Once I have grown quite a bit, it probably won’t be much of an issue. But as of today, I am looking for every free solution I can find.

I understand that for Backendless there also has to be a return on investment. Why not, then, base the pricing on volume. Smaller applications would use the free tier, and larger applications with larger log volumes would go with the paid add-on. Just my 2 cents.