Logic on Client and Server different (again) - Almost lost code

I’ve reported this happening before, and I think I’ve lost a good bit of code because of this issue (I asked about this in the general slack channel after the outage @mark-piller).


  1. I was working on a Cloud Code API
  2. I needed to check and change something in a different API
  3. I used the browser tree (right side of the Cloud Code section) to change to a different API codeless logic
  4. I started making some changes, and went to look for some logic I added yesterday and it was missing.
  5. The logic is on the server, but not being displayed to the client

If I had not noticed this and deployed the code, I would have overwritten my changes from yesterday. This has 100% happened to me in the past and it sucks but I’ve never caught the specifics of how it happened.

If I go into the code from the navigation tree, why would it not load up the most recent version from the server? How do I always force the latest version to make sure I don’t overwrite changes?


Hello @Tim_Jones,

do you use one computer for work, or perhaps more than one?
Is it possible that you are using the same computer, but different browsers, or are you opening console in incognito mode in parallel?


Hi @stanislaw.grin,

Only one.

I use multiple tabs in Chrome.