Login of all users refused

I am doing the product tour (Starter Pack with Codeless) and in mission ‘Sherif’ - exercise ‘Task: Invoke API using user account with custom role’, none of the user accounts seems to get access when trying to log in thorugh REST console. I just get the message ‘invalid login or password’. All settings in user table seem to be ok though. Any idea where the issue might originate?
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Hello @Mark_Fosseprez

Welcome to the community and thanks for trying out Backendless!

Could you please:

  1. provide your appId?
  2. is it possible to create a test user for us (then it can be removed) to try login in from our side?

Dear @Vladimir_Upirov

I found the problem cause: I had changed the identity column in the user-table during one of the exercises, so was trying to log-in users with wrong identity… Sorry for the inconvenience,
kind regards

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