Login template data source

Using the login template below, where/how is the data source specified?


The codeblocks in the loginForm seem to be bound to a table with a different schema than what was setup by default for the project. For example, the screenshot below shows a data field called “username”, but the User table has a field called name and also email, neither of which are available to select in the dropdown list below.


Can you please tell me where the list of fields in the screenshot come from ( I see some of them are controls in the form, but user and username are not in the form? And how should I direct or bind them to the correct fields in the User table?

Also, the UI for this template has a text block called statusMessageText but there is no code to set it’s text or visibility. Is this an oversight or am I missing something?

Thank you.

Hello @George_Padvorac,

this list of fields is just a list of codeless variables.
I think you’re not seeing all the logic on the page, there’s more:

And if you find it, you’ll notice the “login” function which uses username, password and stayLoggedIn variables to login user and set its result to the user variable.

Also, these videos might be helpful for you: