Logout & login does not reissue user token (User Service API, iOS Swift)

When the app is first launched and initialized and the user logs in, there is no issue retrieving data. I can confirm a successful user login with a call to currentUser which returns the logged in user, and can verify the user token is not nil.

I have a logout button that makes a call to backendless.user.logout() (and have also tried the async method), and then performs an unwind segue that returns to the login view controller. I can confirm the user has been successfully logged out with another call to currentUser which returns nil and checking the user token which also returns nil.

When trying to log in again, the user is successfully logged in as confirmed by another call to currentUser which returns the logged in user, however the user token still returns nil. This results in data not being returned from my query. This problem can only be resolved by quitting the app completely, at which point the login works and a new user token is issued and data is retrieved successfully. However, using the logout feature reintroduces the problem. I have also disabled persistent login, and disabled multiple logins from the admin console.

Any help is appreciated.

Duplicate of http://support.backendless.com/t/logout-login-does-not-reissue-user-token-user-service-api-ios-swift_1