Looking for a Backendless dev

Hello Backendless community,

I don’t know if this is right category in which to ask, but:

Short story:
I want to create only the backend to prototype my future MVP, it’s a B2B2C business directory listing, more exactly in the Food and Beverage domain (restaurants)

The problem:
I hired a freelancer to build the backend and more or less he scammed me: he didn’t delivered for what I asked and pay for, he made many important changes without consulting me and where not according to my technical documentation.

The solution:
I searched for an alternative and I found Backendless, but:
Are there any devs that want a long-term technical cooperation to create, maintain and future improve my MVP?

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Hello, @sudo_su.

If you want our team to do this, please contact sales@backendless.com or https://backendless.consulting and describe your offer in more detail.

Additionally, you can write to our slack channel, maybe one of our users will want to get to work.

Best Regards, Nikita.