Lost my all my changes after logging out and back in

I was building a page through UI builder and adding logic to my button using codeless. I went to preview but the changes weren’t reflecting anymore. I waited for about 5 minutes in case of delays and tried to preview again but still my changes weren’t reflecting.
I published the app successfully and when I opened the published version, it still showed the same as the preview with the changes not showing.
I published another 2 times but with the same results. I then logged out of Backendless completely and logged back in and all the logic I had for that page was completely missing with “No codeless item selected” showing

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Hi, @Armandt_du_Preez

We are very sorry about your issue. This can happen most often when several developers are working on the same application (the page in UI-Builder) at the same time. Could this be the reason for your case? Are you the only developer on the application or not? Please provide us with the name of the container and the page where you lost the logic?


Hi Marina,

Yes we are two developers working on the same projects. I managed to get my code back by clicking on “theme” and then clicking on “logic” again and it all appeared. I confirmed it was in fact missing on 2 different machines, so this was a weird instance. But at least I have my codeless work back. Thank you for your response

The container is Main, for interest sake


Hello @Armandt_du_Preez

We are very glad that you have not lost your logic. To prevent loss of logic, we do not recommend that two people edit the same page, handler or theme at the same time.


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