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Lost my Codeless API Service function blocks from App

Somehow my Codeless API Service block logic was lost.

I had a good running copy of the blocks for the function I named “AlexaGeigerCounter” “handleRequest” since January 14th. I opened my existing APP and was using the existing function blocks to create a new APP.

When I navigated back, the original was gone. Is there a way to restore the function from a previous version that was backed up somewhere?

Hello @Eric_Smyder

Have you deployed this broken changed to the server? if not you can see the method’s label with green color in the Codeless Browser (black panel with on the right side).

Regards, Vlad

I did not deploy the error.
Sorry, I’m colorblind so I don’t know what “green” I’m looking for.

I ended up finding a picture of the function blocks that I could re-create the missing logic.

I still don’t understand how it happened in the first place.

for all items which have non-deployed logic there also is a “star” chart at the end of the label:

If it’s not deployed you can clear your Browser’s LocalStorage and refresh the page.

Unfortunately, It happens time-to-time, and it’s hard to catch the problem because there are no stable StepsToReproduce. It seems like there are some problems with synchronization local logic with logic which comes from the server.

Anyways, I’m currently working on redesigning the Codeless Editor to avoid this problem.

Regards, Vlad

That seems to have done it.

Many thanks.

Hi @Eric_Smyder

We just released Codeless Changelog feature, which allows you to switch between your local changes

We would like to receive any feedback about this improvement.

Regards, Vlad