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Make a url for update data in a table

I need to make a URL to add to an email, which can update data in a table.
I learned it can be done by using Backendless API, but for updating just by a single URL, I didn’t found any clues. Would you help me!

Hi @Ehsan_Nikaeen,

It is possible, however, the only way to do it is by creating an API service (in Backendless business logic) which get a GET operation accepting all the arguments needed for the update in the database. Inside of your API service operation you would need to add the code to do the actual database update. There are several ways to implement an API service, you can use Java, JS or Codeless.

Here’s a video that demonstrates how to create a Codeless service which writes to the database:

The difference in your case is the API service operation must be GET since you want the link to the operation be clickable from an email and a click on a link will issue a GET request.