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Make each user only interact with object(update it's value) in the table only one time

(Hessam Emami) #1

So there is a column in my table in Backendless called “average_rating” which is a Double.

In my app the user gets the object,picks a rate from a ratingBar,clicks the save button and the value of the “average_rating” column of that specific object gets updated.

    p.setRates_number(p.getNumberOfVotes()+1);, new AsyncCallback<Projects>()

My problem is that I want to allow each user to only have the permission to submit the rating of that selected object from the table only for one time so the user can not submit a rating(update the selected object value) for 10times example,only for one time.

What should I do to achieve this?add ‘Boolean hasRated’ columns for each user or should I use relations(I don’t know much about them)?

I would appreciate any help


(Hessam Emami) #2

I’ve managed to achieve what I want by using relations.
Thx anyway for creating Backendless.
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